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please, someone, hand me a brick!

This weekend, The New York Times Magazine ran a huge piece called BUILDING A BETTER TEACHER ( As if! As if teachers are houses and can be constructed out of ordinary elements. As if one design can be drawn and then teachers can begin pouring out of factories on their way to dealerships, erm schools, across the country. As if there is some HIDDEN core of stuff we have been too dull to discover about working effectively with students. As if the study reported in this piece has THE answer. As if!

Others have responded (, too. I urge all of you who give a whit about education to leave comments for the author who seems to think that the qualities described in this latest study are somehow brand new things no one ever thought to do before. How to lead discussions, classroom management and discipline, what the author calls the "mechanics" of teaching.

And now I think I shall read some happy picture books (and not pitcher books: an Oscar inside joke) to erase this from my mind for a bit. Or perhaps I should apply for a stipend and write HOW TO BUILD A BETTER (fill-in-the-blank)? Expert on education who has never been in a classroom???
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