professornana (professornana) wrote,

home again

The drive home from Dallas was, mercifully, uneventful. Unpacked, gave out the goodies I had brought home (salsa from Buccee's for the resident of the back bedroom), and napped. Feeling more human now. Suspect I will still fall asleep early. On the drive home, I listened to the Odyssey Honor audio, PEACE LOCOMOTION (Brilliance, 2009).

In a series of letters to his sister, Lilly, Lcnnnie Collins Motion, Locomotion, relates his hopes and fears and wishes. Miss Edna, his foster mother, has her own concerns: her son is missing in action in Vietnam. Lilly ois changing from a little girl into someone who likes tp paint her fingernails. She is forgetting what it was like to live with her brother and their parents. Lonnie vows to help her remember what it was like before the fire that took the lives of his parents. All of this and more form the basis of the letters Lonnie writes and saves for his sister for a time when the two of them can again be a family. The narration, fairly straight with some little variation with tone and pitch for voices of the other people in Lonnie's life, is perfectly paced and reflects the format of this novel in verse. I enjoyed the travels with Lonnie immensely.
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