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Incorrigible and loving it!

This week has ben draining to say the least. So after driving hours to Richardson (north of Dallas) yesterday, I was planning to just veg out in front of the TV. But I had packed some ARCs and the guilt nibbled a bit at my resolve, so I picked up this book intending to read just a few pages. Did not work. Read until the words began to swim due to fatigue and then rose early this a.m. to read more. Saved the last chapter as a pre-dinner treat. YUMMY!

Penelope Lumley is a recent graduate of the Swanburne Academy for Poor Bright Females. She is off to interview with Mrs. Ashton about becoming governess to the three children of Ashton Place. The newlywed Mrs. Ashton does not seem eager for Penelope to meet the children though she is eager that Penelope sign a contract to become governess. After settling in to her room, Miss Lumley heads off to see what is causing all of the howling in the barn. There she discovers her new charges, huddled in a corner and mournfully howling. Miss Lumley's skills will be put to a severe test as she takes three children (ostensibly raised by wolves) and teaches them Latin and geography and manners. Alexander (the Great), Beowulf, and Cassiopeia (as Mr. Ashton insists they be named) come to trust Lumawoo as they call Miss Lumley. However, there are some mysteries to be solved. This is the first in a series and leaves some questions to be pondered. Laugh out loud funny and totally engrossing, here is one to read aloud and to share with tweens who are looking for something new and unique. (Balzer and Bray, March 2010)

Had a terrific 7 hours with the Richardson library cooperative members. We created reading ladders throughout the day. I shared hundreds of books (maybe not quite but it seemed so during the day). Now I get to veg a little, I think.
Tags: incorrigible children, series
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