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airport reading

The ONLY reason I fly at all is so I can read some books. So, while sitting in the airport and on the airplane (which had to go back to the terminal as they left some luggage behind), I read CRUISE CONTROL by Terry Trueman. This is a companion novel to STUCK IN NEUTRAL and is the story of Shawn's brother, the gifted athlete. What a remarkable take Trueman has given us in these two books.

I also finished reading Richard Peck's THE TEACHER'S FUNERAL. This man continues to produce some of the best books out there. His books run the gamut from the historical (like The Teacher's Funeral) to contemporary (like Are You in the House Alone?). His incredible talent for telling a story that sucks readers into the book reminds us all why he is such an important leader in the field year after year. He is actually the luncheon speaker tomorrow here at NCTE.

Off to meetings. Indy is muggy and warm--go figure!
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