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reaching Richardson

I am leaving the new book as an icon for this posting as just before I left the house this morning, my box of books (the ones I pre-ordered) arrived. So I grabbed a handful to bring along for the workshop tomorrow. Mostly, it was an uneventful drive except for just outside of Fairfield (home of the best peaches in Texas). The 18 wheeler in front of me suddenly swerved into the left lane. Of course, I followed suit as did the cars behind me. None of us could see what might be in the right lane, but if an 18 wheeler swerves, it seems prudent for us to do as well. What we were all swerving to avoid was a donkey (or a burro or an ass: I cannot tell the difference and do not care to learn to make those distinctions). He (she?) was running along the shoulder of the road, no doubt an escapee from some farm or ranch off the interstate.

Listened to this in audio on the drive up:

I love Ally Carter's Gallager Girl series. DON'T JUDGE A GIRL BY HER COVER (Brilliance, 2009) is the third in the series. For today's tweens and teens, this is what Nancy Drew was for me, but much better (sorry, Nancy). Cammie is a student at Gallagher School for Girls, a school which appears to be a fine school for fine upstanding young women. It is, though, a school that trains girls to become spies. Cammie and her friend Macey are in Boston since Macey's father is a VP candidate in the upcoming election. They are lured to the roof of the hotel where kidnappers attempt to take them. They escape thanks for some quick thinking. But now the mystery is afoot as Sherlock might say. Lots of action and adventure, snarky girls, a bit of a romance: what more could a girl want? Or me for that matter? It made the drive pleasant and quick.

Now, I am diving into INCORRIGIBLE CHILDREN by Maryrose Wood. I have read 100 pages and ADORE it. I hope I can stay awake a while longer to finish it. If not, first thing in the morning before I hit the shower with any luck.

For now, back to the books.
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