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12 April 2006 @ 09:41 am
catching up  
Finally had the chance to read THE GOODNESS GENE by Sonia Levitin. Meet Will, the son of the Compassionate Director of a futuristic world striving for perfection. However, as most readers of Utopian novels know, there is something rotten lying underneath the crust of this perfect society. Actually, there is a great deal that is rotten here as we learn during the course of the novel. Will and his twin Berk are being groomed to work alongside their father, Hayli, the savior of the people. Will discovers, though, that he and Berk are really clones and not sons of Hayli. In a frightening turn of events, readers will find out that Berk and Will have been cloned from some DNA contributed by Hitler. Levitin, as she did in THE CURE, tackles some of the ills of our contemporary world to draw her very dystopic vision of the future.

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