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I actually grabbed another short period of time to read yesterday between all the various events of the day. I had better jot down some thoughts now as I am running a just a few hours of sleep and do not know how long I will be functioning with a brain today.

HIP-HOP HISTORY by Wendy Garfoli (Velocity, 2010) is a HI/LO nonfiction book, part of the Hip-Hop World series from Capstone Press. In a brief span of pages, interested readers can learn about the roots of hip hop as well as some of its key players along the way. A timeline is part of the back matter.

Another series, this one in GN format from Stone Arch Books is RECON ACADEMY: TEEN AGENT by Chris Everheart. Four tweens fight crime while also scoring good grades. Perfect for reluctant readers in 4-5 grade, the GN format and short chapters have tons of appeal.

FINN REEDER, FLU FIGHTER (Stone Arch, 2010) by Eric Stevens presents the story of the hapless Finn Reeder in the middle of a swine flu epidemic at school. Dodgeball, substitute teachers, and crazed germphobocs all add to the hoopla in Finn's life. The format resembles Jeff Kinney's wimpy kid books and there are shades of Miss Nelson and some other favorites here as well.

And finally, from Candlewick (2010) comes...

31 WAYS TO CHANGE THE WORLD by 4,386 children and We Are What We Do and You. Simple double page spreads suggest things kids of all ages can do to make the world a better place in which to live. Bright and colorful illustrations elaborate a simple text that encourages kids to do what they can to make a difference.

Now, back tyo the coffee I need so desperately...
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