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Picture Book Monday March Madness

I am answering phones while the rest of the faculty takes our candidate out to lunch. Then, I head to the airport and pick up our other candidate and drive her up for her interview tomorrow. Busy time and lots of driving ahead. So, while the phone is ominously quiet, I am taking time to read through some of the newly arrived books.

This is CHICK (Holt, 2010), a delightful pop-up for very young readers. (However, when I taught middle school, even the way mature 8th graders would read these baby books with no encouragement). Chick hatches from the egg, cheeps, meets mommy, poops, and then sleeps. The page where the chick poops is clever and different from the others. I can see kids howling their approval of this book, one they will memorize readily and "read" on their own.

PINK ME UP (Knopf, 2010) by Charise Harper is the story of a young rabbit whose mother wakes up with pink spots and, thus, cannot take her to the perfectly planned pink party. Dad offers to step in, but first he must be pinked up in order to fit in. This patient father should be a role rabbit (model) for others who want to fit in and maintain a close relationship with their daughters.

More to come shortly...
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