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making sense out of comprehension

Believe it or not, here is a celebrity book I can endorse:

FLANIMALS (Candlewick Press, 2010) by Ricky Gervais is not only a fun and entertaining pop-up, it has classroom utility, I think, beyond the read aloud or shared story experience. It also has an audience well beyond that normally ascribed to pop-up books. In FLANIMALS, we meet creatures as varied as the Honk and the Splunge. The Splunge is a "jub-wobbling glob bag...a protowimp." These creatures all pop up from various places on the pages and are accompanied by humorous descriptions. This is, of course, a send up of the various identification books. But it is more: read aloud to students and have them explain the creatures not from the pop-ups but from the almost (but not quite) nonsensical text that describes them. What you see is the comprehension is not just sounding out words (though I suspect kids will be able to pronounce the names of the Flanimals) but also decoding nonsense words such as "jub-wobbling."

Just the book I needed on this hectic, chilly, rainy day.
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