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Happy March. It is raining here in Texas. This is what happens to cold fronts once they reach here in the spring: no snow, just rain and cool temps. I did not get to post yesterday as I was off to dinner with a candidate for one of our open positions on the faculty. But here is the post a day late (but not a dollar short).

I posted about this book some time ago. It, of course, has won many awards since its release including the National Book Award. I listened to the audio version this past week while driving to and from work. Brilliance Audio has done a good job translating the book into audio, no mean feat with all of the call out boxes and different components of the story of Claudette Colvin and her struggle for justice in Montgomery. Alabama.

This was not a simple book for audio format. What Brilliance decided to do works well even for folks who have not seen the text. The narrator announces "sidebar" before providing the information contained in call out boxes and sidebars and the like. Sher uses different inflections and intonations when we are listening to quotes from Claudette Colvin, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the other people involved in the story of the bus boycott and Supreme Court case challenging separate but equal.

Just as Hoose uses the techniques of a good storyteller in the book, the audio approach is similar. The result is an interesting "listen." I hope that the audio might lead readers to the book, too.
Tags: audio, nonfiction
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