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IN THE BELLY OF THE BLOODHOUND by L. A.Meyer is the continuing saga of Jacky Faber. The audio version was one of the 2010 Odyssey Honor winners for distiguished production in audiobooks. Katy Kelgren reprises her role as Jacky Faber, a young woman who has had a lifetime of adventure in her brief life already. She has disguised herself as a boy and stolen aboard a frigate in BLOODY JACK. Subsequent stories find Jacky at a proper boarding school, participating in the battle of Trafalgar. Now, she is back at school still battling against the all too prim and proper girls. However, her sedate life takes a sudden turn when the girls are all kidnapped and taken aboard a ship to be sold at auction.

Narrator Kelgren wields various dialects, accents, and personalities effortlessly in this brilliant audiobook. This is an instance where I have sought out other books in the series because of the quality of the audio production. Kelgren draws me into Jacky;s life and takes me off on a watery, dangerous adventure, longing to be a part of Jacky and her captives.
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