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Book #52 and what a book it is!

I hope to have the chance to scan in the cover sometime soon as it is not available anywhere online. Just know it is a terrific cover with a great treasure inside: a new novel by Cecil Castellucci, ROSE SEES RED (Scholastic, August 2010). Rose is a new student at Performing Arts high school. She feels isolated there, does not fit into any of the cliques, not even the dancer (she is studying ballet). She feels strangely connected, though, to the Russian teen who lives next door. Her name is Yrena, but Rose knows little else about her. In the early 80s, Russia is still a formiddable opponent and the Russians are viewed mostly with fear. But when Yrena taps on Rose's bedroom window that night, everything changes.

Castellucci has set her novel in the world of the 80s in New York City. This backdrop serves as a perfect setting for what is to happen in the course of ONE eventful evening. With fast paced, lyrical prose (oddly reminiscent of Francesca Lia Block). Castellucci propels readers into Rose's time and place and gives them a story of friendship and trust and uncertainty and family. It is difficult to pigeonhole this slim work except to say it is vintage Castellucci.

It is a gloriously sunny day though the temp has not moved much out of the 30s yet. The kitties have found patches of sun and are pretending to be wild cats on the savannah.

PS: Thanks, Traci, for spotting the omission of the title!
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