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twisting tales

Spent time waiting for the doctor this morning (per usual) and had time to read this book from cover to cover. Must say I was not nearly as annoyed as I could have been since I was hugely entertained by the book.

CALAMITY JACK by the Hale trio of Shannon, Dean, and Nathan, (Bloomsbury, 2010) takes the two main characters from RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE and continues their adventures as Jack heads back home to help his mother rebuild her bakery. When Jack and Punzie do return, though, they discover a town in ruins from giant ant attacks. Blunderboar, the evil giant Jack unleashed earlier, is in cahoots (and that word fits this story perfectly) with the "ants". It is up to Jack and Punzie, assisted by some other folks (fairies for instance) to try to defeat the giant and return the city to the hands of the people.

The art work is beautifully detailed and adds so much to the enjoyment of this retelling/reenvisioning of the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Vibrant varied panels help with pacing and character development as well. I hope to see more of this dynamic trio's stories, ones that take a familiar story and make it wondrously strange.

BTW, the snow was a non-event by this morning and resident had to head off to school. Dang!
Tags: fairy tale retellings, gn
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