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reading with my ears again for Book #50

So I drove home in snow today. I do mean snow. Big fat flakes that hurled themselves onto my windshield. By the time I dropped south to my house (about 20 miles from campus), the snow was no longer sticking. Of course, the resident of the back bedroom is pulling for a snow day tomorrow. No word yet from the school and none likely until we are all up and she is headed out the door ro the bus. That's how we roll here in Texas. Scout is fascinated with snow: he sits in the window and watches it fall constantly shifting his head as one flake and then another catches his attention.

Since I have been driving long distances of late, I had the chance to finish this book in audio:

So far, INCARCERON has received 5 starred reviews and I totally agree with all of them, Finn has lived in Incaeceron for a long time. He does, however, possess faint memories of life outside of this prison that has a life of its own. Claudia, on the other hand, has known a life of privilege in a world that has returned to a simpler time called Protocol. No modern conveniences are permitted though, in reality, they still do exist covertly. What could these two share? A crystal key: one that will prove invaluable to them both.

Complex plotting with lots of nifty twists and turns; references to many classic tales; archetypes alongside fully fleshed characters: this book has much to offer readers willing to enter into the hazardous worlds that Claudia and Finn inhabit.

Here is a shot from my car in the university parking lot this afternoon.

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