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some more picture books for a dreary Monday

We are supposed to get SNOW tomorrow (several inches). I am hoping for a snow day so I can stay home and read. If not, it is back up to the office for another meeting (blech). I weeded 5 boxes of books for door prizes this morning. If I get ambitious, I might fill up a few more this afternoon before I head home. In the meantime, here are a few of the new arrivals from Holiday House (thanks, Terry!).

Errol and His Extraordinary Nose by David Conway (HH, 2010) begins with the announcement of a talent competition. All of the students are excited except Errol the elephant. He does not think he has any special talent like the chameleons and zebras and other animals do. Then, Errol's father gives him a book about elephants and Errol discovers he is, too, extraordinary. Great book for pointing out we all have talents.

Because I grew up outside of Texas, I have learned a great deal in my adult life about the regionality of language. Not just dialect: similes are different from place to place as well. This book is a great reminder of those regionalisms: MUDDY AS A DUCK PUDDLE AND OTHER AMERICAN SIMILES by Laurie Lawlor is an alphabet of similes perfect for enriching the language of children.

Finally, we have I LOVE BUGS by Emma Dodd. Disclaimer: I do NOT love bugs myself. However, I can recall my niece being fascinated with them as a child and the resident of the back bedroom being enamored of snails/slugs and putting them into cigar boxes as "families." The fearless protagonist of this picture book loves all kinds of bugs even those that can be a little scary.

Back to weeding, I think...
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