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3 books for one

Since these 3 picture books are a tad shorter than the YA I generally read, I will count them as 1 book toward my 100 Books in 2010 Challenge (and are you reading with us at Goodreads????).

From the mind of Mo Willems come two new books CAT THE CAT WHO IS THAT? and LET'S SAY HI TO FRIENDS WHO FLY!(Balzer and Bray, 2010). Not since I read Bob Lopshire and Ted Geisel when I was a kid can I remember loving these easy readers so much. Cartoon illustrations (and surprise appearances by the Pigeon) and simple, patterned, and predictable text combine for a perfect reading experience for those just coming to appreciate books and reading.

MATHILDA AND THE ORANGE BALLOON by Randall de Seve (Balzer and Bray, 2010) reminds me of the time I took the residents of the back bedroom, then ages 3 and 5) to Disney for the first time. It is all about seeing things through the eyes of a child (rather like how I read picture books these days). Mathilda spies an orange balloon. The other sheep in her flock are less than impressed until Mathilda declares that she is like that orange balloon. Then the naysayers seek to puncture her spirit. But do not count her out. Mathilda has a wonderful sense of who she is and the the wonder of the world around her. We should all be like Mathilda and aspire to be an orange balloon.

Now, off to do some weeding and pack some door prize boxes.
Tags: picture book monday returns!
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