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weekend reading

With the Olympics on in the background, I had time to complete a few books yesterday. This is, I think, Book #46. It is one of the Morris finalists for 2010 as well. EVERAFTER by Amy Huntley (Balzer and Bray, 2009) is the story of 17 year old Madison. Madison knows she is dead but little else. How did she die? Why are there objects scattered around her in the afterlife? Soon, Maddy learns that these objects "transport" her back to different times in her life. Slowly, she begins to piece the puzzle of her death together. The book combines the lure of an afterlife experience with the mystery of how Maddy died quite successfully. Bits and pieces of poetry and philosophy are woven in this narrative. Readers with the background in Frost and Dickinson will appreciate the references though they are not necessary for an understanding of the story at all. Readers who enjoy this one will love BEFORE I FALL as well.
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