professornana (professornana) wrote,

plague ridden

Before the figure skating begins, I thought I might post about THE WHITE WITCH by Janet Graber (Roaring Brook, 2009). Gwen has been branded a witch since her birth. It seems that when she was born, a white rook came to roost on her chimney. One look at the new white haired babby apparently caused a neighbor woman to bear a child who was defective. Now a teen, Gewn is still regarded as dangerous by the Puritan population of her tiny community. Only a few know that she is not withc but healer. However, with the plague spreading out from London and illness felling villagers, it is not long before suspicion falls once more on Gwen who must find a way to escape.

This short piece of historical fiction will give readers some small glimpse into the time period, the plague, and the superstitious nature of some of the villagers.
Tags: historical fiction, plague
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