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With the Olympics on in the background and the remote close at hand so I could flip to the Westminster Dog Show during breaks in figure skating, I also managed to read this book.

It is a summer of changes for Franny. A new family moves in next door, Lindy and her son Lucas. Franny has opened an unofficial animal hospital in the barn to care for injured animals (mice, swallows, oppossums and the like). What begins as a summer full of hope and possibilities soon veers into darker possibilities though. Drought conditions threaten the community in which Franny lives. And there is something secretive and almost sinister affecting Lindy and Lucas.

The story is a quick read with an interesting reflective voice on the part of the narrator, Franny. What I really admired here was the cast of adult characters: loving parents, rapscallion grandmother, domineeering mother of a is rare to see this array of adults in a book for tweens and young teens.
Tags: tween books
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