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getting graphic with tweens

AMELIA RULES: SUPERHEROES (Atheneum, 2010) by Jimmy Gownley is another installment in the adventures and life of soon-to-be 5th grader, Amelia and her gang of friends. Having moved from NY following her parents' divorce, Amelia is finally settling down to life in a small town. She has some friends. Occasionally, they must perform at superhero level to right wrongs and save people in danger. Think of her as BabyMouse all grown up as a human, perhaps, with her own enemies and trials but with a fairly rich inner life. Comical and serious at turns, this GN is perfect for those tweens who want something a tad meatier. There is much more text here and the plot is more episodic than truly linear. This fits nicely onto a GN reading ladder.
Tags: graphic novel, series
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