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Purple Kangaroo

I have often said that I am not fond of celebrity authored books. There are rare exceptions and Michael Ian Black is one of mine. I loved CHICKEN CHEEKS and now he gives us PURPLE KANGAROO (Simon and Schuster, 2010).

A monkey appears on the opening pages and asserts that he can read minds. He asks the reader to think of something and then he will intuit what that something is. The monkey decides on a purple kangaroo. No? Are you sure, he asks? Not a purple kangaroo looking for a lost friend, blowing rainbow colored bubbles (through his nose) with gum while in space balancing hula hoops? Are you sure? Wild illustrations (love the one with the monkey's eyes in a hypnotic series of spirals) accompany the text and add to the humor.

Not a purple kangaroo but a white parrot is the title character in PEPI SINGS A NEW SONG (Beach Lane Books, 2010). Pepi's owner would like for him to find a new song to sing (Pepi has a version of TWINKLE, TWINKLE that is apparently wearing on his owner's nerves). So, off Pepi goes in search of inspiration. His final song tells of all the places he visited in his search.
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