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Picture Book Monday Returns!

After being reassured by several people I trust that it was OK to read at the office for a while, I pulled some of the picture books from my threatening-to-collapse-and-do-bodily-harm stack. Here are a few of the gems I uncovered.

DINOSAURS LOVE UNDERPANTS (Aladdin, 2010) by Claire Freedman is a totally unique and hilarious explanation for why dinos are now extinct. It all has to do with the underwaer war between prehistoric man and the dinos. You are seeing the Korean cover because that is all Titlewave had available this morning. But that does remind me that I ordered FANTASIA for the resident of the back bedroom at Christmas per her request. All that Amazon had at the time was a Korean version that had English available as one of the languages for showing. Hmmm....

How can anyone resist opening a new book by Ashley Bryan? Here is his take on ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL (Atheneum, 2010). Need I say more?

WEE LITTLE BUNNY by Lauren Thompson (Simon and Schuster, 2010) uses some lovely turns of phrases and repetition in its tale of a small rabbit having a wondrously adventurous day. Other animals pop in: a chickadee, a porcupine. Bunny has lots to tell his Mother at the end of his busy day.
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