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From Susan Ohanian's web site (

Testing Tongue Twister ---How Many Tests?

And the new buzzword: Formative tests. To hear tell, they will save the world.

by Richard Lakin

Longer Version:

How many tests can a test taker take if a test taker detests tests:

Pretests, post-tests
Spelling tests, math tests
Pop tests, diagnostic tests
Reading tests, take home tests
Fitness tests, I.Q. tests
Diagnostic tests, state tests
Multiple choice tests, matching tests
Essay tests, multiple intelligence tests
Criterion tests, achievement tests
Placement tests, make up tests
High stakes tests, minimal competency tests
Culturally biased tests, performance tests
And lest we forget: No Child Left Behind tests

Tests, tests, and More TESTS!

Detesters and Protesters: rest from the tests, save your best for the QUEST!

Shorter Version:

How many tests can a test taker
take if a test taker detests tests?

Not enough tests
To test the stuff
Test givers give
To test the stuff they stuff


— Richard Lakin
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