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11 February 2010 @ 07:54 pm
bright lights, big city  

Like the view? I am sitting here in NYC in my hotel room and this is what I can see. I am sleeping with the drapes open tonight so I can see it whenever I want. Thankfully, the journey here was relatively easy. The flight took off on time and landed EARLY. The car service met me at the curb outside the airport (Newark Liberty) and there was little traffic coming into the city. The room reservation was correct. There was a nifty little cafe across the street where I grabbed dinner. My meeting tomorrow is literally across the street from the hotel. The snow has been cleared from the sidewalks. What more could I want? Well, some extra time to spend here. But I head home Saturday morning so I can spend V Day with the better half and the resident of the back bedroom and Scout.

I love being here. I will love being with my USBBY Board Members all day tomorrow (the ones who managed to get here). But I will really love getting home.

I promised some of the folks at TCEA that I would post my speech here. I will, but that file is on another computer. Sorry.

And tomorrow I will post about the FABULOUS book I read on the flight here.

Oh, and Arlington, please get rid of the snow and ice before I come up there next week. Kai? Thx. Bai.
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