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liar, liar

I spent most of yesterday driving between here and Austin and then back again. I spoke to the librarians attending TCEA (and there were a slew of them!) about rejecting the false dichotomy that insists that they take the position as either the book person or the tech person. The remarks seem to be well received. In any event, this meant I was in the car driving enough time to finish a book. Planned to blog it last night, but decided to sleep instead since today I fly into NYC and will likely need some patience and reserves.

LIAR by Justine Larbalestier was a wild ride audio perfect for the dreary and sometimes sleet-y drive. Micah is our narrator and she lets us know from the outset that she is a liar, a rather skilled one. I cannot recall another book wherein the unreliable narrator is the one who lets us know she is not to be trusted. So, I was immediately smitten with Micah who is sometimes not to be trusted. Her voice drew me in and lulled me into a sense of trust. Because Micah comes across at times as earnest makes her admissions of lying even more startling, I think.

What begins as a story of love and betrayal and angst (and possibly murder) takes an unexpected turn and becomes a story also of Micah and her "family illness." Micah is, if we are to believe her, a wolf, a werewolf to be exact. But what should we believe? Who should we trust? Even when Micah begins to list her lies, we have to wonder if she is being truthful about her prevarications. Doubting veracity, questioning details (and details are important as Micah will tell you), and generally wondering how all the pieces fit together make for a complex and layered story, one that plays out well in audio.

Smart, unpredictable, frightening, real, unreal: there are no easy answers for readers of this complex novel that explores our human nature and our tendencies to be less than human. Micah was an absorbing, multi-faceted character. I enjoyed having her accompany me on the drive.

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