professornana (professornana) wrote,

SAVING THE BAGHDAD ZOO: A TRUE STORY OF HOPE AND HEROES (Greenwillow, 2010) by Kelly Milner Halls and Major William Sumner is aptly titles. It is a story of hope: hope for the zoo animals whose habitats were destroyed by bombings in Irag. Goats, pelicans, lions, turtles, camels, and others were in danger of perishing for lack of shelter, food, water, and care. It is a story of heroes, too. Soldiers, like Sumner, who served on a team of veterinarians and zoologists determined to rescue the animals.

Photos, some taken by Sumner, accompany a text that is sobering and playful at turns. Call out boxes provide important details about the War in Iraq itself and stories about some of the occupants of the zoo (i.e., the bear that wouldn't sleep).

Here is a wonderful example of all that nonfiction can be: informative, entertaining, enlightening.
Tags: iraq, nonfiction, zoo
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