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Book #28

ICE by Sarah Beth Durst (McEdlerry, 2009) takes parts of EAST OF THE SUN, WEST OF THE MOON, combines it with a soupcon of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, adds some adventure/survival scenes from HATCHET, and then finishes it all off with a sprinkling of THE GOLDEN COMPASS. This unusual combination creates a rocketing rambunctious read. Cassie has been told the story of her mother's disappearance for years. As she grew older, she understood that the story was fabricated to ease the pain of her mother's death. But when Cassie meets a bear who knows her name and how to rescue her mother, the fairy tale of her childhood is suddenly quite real. In exchange for her mother's release, Cassie agrees to go home with the Bear.

At first, Cassie is resentful and eager to return to the Arctic exploration station with mother and father. But Bear is intriguing and talented and before long Cassie wants to be with him. This romance adventure fantasy is an interesting and intriguing mix that delivers a fast-paced read.
Tags: fairy tales

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