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another one bites the dust

It seems like ages since I had a weekend off. I put it to good use: made a great pot of soup for dinner; helped the resident finish 3 loads of laundry; read 2 books. So, now the count is 27 toward the 100 Books in 2010 Challenge. I know it seems like I am WAY ahead, but I also know there will be weeks (like the one coming up) when finding time to read will mean losing sleep.

BREATHLESS by Jessica Warman would make an excellent pairing with STOP PRETENDING. Katie is 15. She feels at home only in the water when she is swimming. Home life is, well, complicated by her brother, Will. WHen Will must be institutionalized for his mental illness (schizophrenia), her parents send Katie off to boarding school. There she meets her new roommate, Mazzie, a young woman also suffering from trauma of her own. And then there is Drew, the handsome swimmer who captivates Katie at first.

There is a great deal of complexity in this novel: mental illness, family dynamics, religion, sexuality, and more. However, there is never a feeling that there is too much packed into the story. It is simply one person's story with all of the associated joys and drama and terrors. Readers will follow Katie for three years (and there is an epilogue set 10 years in the future as well) and cheer at her triumphs and perhaps cry out when she makes rash decisions. Involving, complex with being complicated, this is book will appeal to readers looking for an absorbing story and memorable characters.
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