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28 March 2006 @ 04:05 pm
Trueman strikes again  
In a story that will definitely attract readers (not to mention the hot car on the cover) Terry Trueman gives us a memorable character in NO RIGHT TURN in the form of Jordan. Jordan was just your average middle school kid when his dad killed himself leaving Jordan to discover his body and call for help. Three years later, it is still a topic that Jordan does not wish to discuss with ANYONE. Only his mother and Wally honor that request, leaving Jordan pretty much a loner. Now, Mom is dating and her new boyfriend is the guy who owns the red Vette down the street. Jordan is strangely attracted to the car (well, it is strange to me but I am a girl who is not into muscle cars in the least) and its owner, Don. Before long, Jordan has "borrowed" the car and impressed a hot girl and even outrun a sheriff. What works so well here is the careful way in which Trueman allows readers to get to know Jordan (and the other characters in the book, too) and his demons. The story is fast paced and was a great read while flying through turbulent skies across Texas today. I simply fell into the book, climbed into the Vette with Jordan and felt the road pass beneath us both.

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