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But first, a complaint. LJ has changed some of the content on my home page. Now it no longer tells me how long it has been since I last posted. Did I mention that I hate change? I mean, really? This was something that required changing? I appreciated the reminder of how long it had been, especially now that I am trying hard to post daily. Oh well....

And now the connection. My better half sends me links all the time. Most of them are for silly (and/or profane) jokes from his ham radio world. Occasionally, it is a link to some new photos of Bengals. Today's link was this one:

Go and take a look. What follows will make more sense.

So, at first glance, this appears to be a rather ordinary (though visually appealing) set of photos of a bygone time. However, once you click-y around and discover the secret, do you not now view these same photos differently? I know I did. It's kinds like it spoiled the fun.

Books are like that, you know, especially in the hands of someone who gives away the secret (or what he or she thinks is the secret). No need for a rant here. I bet all of you have a stinging memory from a time when some well-meaning (or perhaps just evil) person told you what a book really meant, what the symbols were. I am guilty, I know. It is how I was taught. And I began teaching just this way. I recovered in time, I hope thanks to the work of Louise Rosenblatt and Bob Probst. Now I pose more open ended assignments and see where the students head.

I just graded a handful of assignments where I asked students (grad Library Science students) to apply some theories (Havighurst, Maslow, Kohlberg) to books they had read in common. Yes, there were similar responses for some books and readers. However, I was truly astonished again at the range for most of the responses. All valid responses to boot. Nothing like getting a sense of satisfaction from students learning this for themselves instead of from the SAGE ON THE STAGE (a term Renzulli uses that made me reflect more on my teaching).

On an unrelated note, my publisher (Heinemann) tweeted that folks could pre-order my new book, READING LADDERS. It is almost real.

Now, I return to my own reading. Let's see where I head...
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