professornana (professornana) wrote,

out of the blue and into the wild blue yonder

Stu is an Air Force brat. Until recently, both of his parents were in the service. Ultimately, his father resigned but Stu's mother continued with her career earning many promotions. Now, she has been appointed the new base commander in Minot. Dad and Stu's brother will not make this move. His brother is off to college and Dad needs to stay behind to take care of his ailing mother. Stu knows the routine: new neighbors, new school, maybe a few new folks to hang out with. But this deployment is different. The neighbors seem to have some issues, school has not started, and his mother may be deployed overseas. Stu must cope with many obstacles: a disintegrating family, his concerns about the family across the street, lack of a driver's license and more. In OUT OF THE BLUE (Peachtree, 2009), S. L. Rottman examines how sometimes life comes at you and things happen "out of the blue" over which no one seems to have control. Readers with family in the military will particularly appreciate this novel which points out some of the problems teens, on and off base, face.
Tags: decisions, family, military
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