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POPULARITY PAPERS: RESEARCH FOR THE SOCIAL IMPROVEMENT AND GENERAL BETTERMENT OF LYDIA GOLDBLATT AND JULIE GRAHAM-CHANG (Abrams, 2010) is a pitch perfect novel a la GN for tweens. Lydia and Julie are anxious about middle school. They want to be part of the popular crowd. Thus begins their work as observers of all the popular girls in order to determine what they need to do to better themselves. Dyeing hair, dressing differently, joining teams: if someone popular is doing it Lydia and Julie try, too. The format of the novel is the journal the two girls keep in their endeavor to become popular. Handwriting, drawings, and other marginalia make this story seem even more realistic. A nice addition is the playlist for the book.

In a little while, we head out to return the rental car, pick up the letter jacket for the resident of the back bedroom (she is running out of room for her patches), and various other errands in the rain and cold. Hopefully, there will be more time this week for reading, too.
Tags: abrams, tween books
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