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Sure and twas a lovely St. Patrick's Day here in Texas yesterday. I even found time to read DO-OVER by Christine Derisa. It is a pink book, which is to say, a book for girls. I think it is a perfect book for 5th and 6th graders who are getting ready to transition to middle school soon. Elsa is dealing with that transition in the novel as she and her father move in with Grandma following the sudden death of Elsa's mother. Harbor Springs Middle School, a school Elsa calls Horror Springs Middle, has its queen bee in the form of Darcy. Elsa is trying hard to be accepted into the school, but Darcy seems determined to make Elsa's middle school experience one of loneliness and hurt. One night, Elsa's mother appears and hands a locket to Elsa telling her if she rubs it and says, "do over," time will rewind about 10 seconds and Elsa will have another chance to make things right. How will Elsa use this power? Can she fit in? Does she even want to do that? DO-OVER takes an interesting look at popularity and its price.

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