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turning a tale

OUTLAW: THE LEGEND OF ROBIN HOOD (Candlewick,2009) is a pitch perfect GN retelling of the legend of Robin Hood. The colors reflect the aspects of Robin's life: greens and golds of he forest surrounding his home, purples and plums of royalty, and somber blacks and blues from the tragedies of his life. The illustrator uses cinematic techniques to create the feeling of an action packed movie that makes Robin at once larger than life and fully human.

Side note: The death of J.D. Salinger was a surprise for me (and I suspect for others). Somehow, since Holden never ages, I do not expect Salinger to age either. CATCHER and the other works of this reclusive man changed the landscape of literature for the better (IMHO) and influenced many of today's authors (notably John Green).

Off tomorrow to the Rio Grande Valley with a car packed with laptops and Kindles for our grant recipients. Saturday is their first class: YA literature. Looking forward to seeing these incredible folks, 19 out of the more than 600 applicants.
Tags: catcher, graphic novels, legends
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