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Brian Karas lends his considerable talents to a retelling of the myth of Zeus (Scholastic, 2010). Zeus is lonely and longs for someone with whom to play. And so he heads off to rescue his siblings from Cronus. The typeface is appropriate to the ancient setting in Greece; he illustrations lend a bit more humor to the tale which is perfect to introduce young readers to Zeus and to mythology. Interestingly enough, I am listening to THE LAST OLYMPIAN in the car right now so I am hearing quite a bit about Cronus and other figures from the myths.

THE EXTRAORDINARY MARK TWIN by Barbara Kerley (Scholastic, 2010) tells of Twain's daughter's journal biography of her father. Excerpts from Susy's writings are inserted as cut journal pages in the gutter preserving her invented spelling but also her totally unfiltered observations about her father. Timeline, sources, author notes, and how to write a good bio are all useful and fascinating appendices.
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