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poetry, please

I love poetry and novels in verse. Most of the teens with whom I worked in the past and even many that I visit with today do not have the same fuzzy warm feelings as I do. Sylvia Vardell has a wonderful blog (http://www.poetryforchildren.blogspot,com) and two terrific books (POETRY PEOPLE, POETRY ALOUD HERE). Now Richie Partington adds to the field with I SECOND THAT EMOTION: SHARING CHILDREN'S AND YOUNG ADULT POETRY available from LMC Source. Teachers will find this a valuable resource for the classroom as Richie provides many and varied ideas for sharing poetry and connecting it to other media such as music and film. Chapters are short; the writing is accessible. Much of the book consists of bibliographies that include a listing of writers of poetry with information about web sites and the like. Another appendix contains poems for finger plays and reading aloud. It is apparent that Richie loves poetry and wishes to pass his passion along to others.
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