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civic duty or jury of your PEERS? Kidding, right?

I was instructed to report at 9. I was there at 8:40. We were finally allowed into the courtroom (from the hall where we stood) about 10. We were the 36 person jury panel for a case of assault being brought by the state against a man who had decided to act as his own attorney (and we know the adage about that). In order to find a jury of this person's peers, one would have to round up all those left at the end of the evening at a saloon. Not a bar, something not quite so nice. After nearly 5 hours, I was dismissed along with 30 others (the jury in this case needs to number only 6). Glad I took a book with me.

No cover to show, but CARTER'S BIG BREAK by Brent Crawford (Disney/Hyperion, June 2010) is the sequel to CARTER'S BIG BREAK. It is now the end of the freshman year and summer looms with some possibility of excitement as Cater and his (now ex) girlfriend Abby are told by their drama teacher that a movie is to be made in town and they will cast some local talent opposite Hilary Idaho (can you say thinly disguised Hanna?). Hilary is a former child star of a tween series about a group of kids who always find occasion to break into song. Enter Carter, a babe in the woods, a sheep among wolves, a naive teen who is quite taken with stardom. Will hilarity ensue? You bet. Will there be farts, jokes about sex, and other bits of low level humor. YEP. Will kids love this book? Most certainly. Thanks, Carter, for helping me not scream out obscenities while I waited to perform my civic duty.
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