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random thoughts after the symphony

Back from the premier performance of THE PLANETS by the Houston Symphony. HD movie accompanied by comments from NASA employees, mind boggling images (real and imagined) from 7 of the planets; exquisite music. A couple of thoughts:

My Odyssey ears helped me hear this music at another level. I was able to hear so much more than I can recall from previous symphony concerts.

One of the scientists commented that she loved unraveling the mysteries; that was what made her life more fulfilling. I was thinking that I prefer the mysteries. Is this why books speak to me at such a visceral level?

One of the 21st century skills Daniel Pink discusses in A WHOLE NEW MIND is symphony. I have a deeper understanding of why after this performance.

Back to football. I have no dogs in this hunt, so I can watch without heartburn.

P.S. Here is Scout's reaction to our return: Uh, you've been gone?

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