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Posting multiple times today as I am doing a workshop tomorrow and taking the resident of the back bedroom and my better half to the symphony Sunday. Suspect there will be little time for online doings (though I might tweet from the symphony if I need some more entertainment).

THE LOST CONSPIRACY centers on the story of the Lace, a tribe whose smiles reveal teeth decorated with gems and art. Hathin cares for her sister, Arilou, who is believed to be one of the Lost, a people capable of leaving their bodies and traveling worldwide. They are cherished by all of the people who live on Gullstruck as they can predict weather, disasters, fortune, and more. Some think Arilou may be simple-minded, but when all of the Lost die one evening leaving only Arilou behind, she is thought to be someone capable of much more. Hathin and Arilou must escape and try to uncover who has killed all of the Lost.

In addition to creating a wholly imagined world, Hardinge has also created fascinating characters with quirks and characteristics that make them memorable. I suspect we will see more of the adventures of the various cultures of Gullstruck in future novels. This is welcome as Hardinge explores important themes of class, race, culture and more. Tie this one with NATION for an interesting comparison.
Tags: fantasy
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