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Now a recipient of the Printz Honor Medal...

</a Will Henry is the apprentice to a monstrumologist, one who studies monsters. And in the anthropophagi, we do indeed have a monster of epic proportions. In this dark, gothic novel, Rick Yancey explores the classic themes of the genre for a new generation of readers who will find the book fascinating, magnetic, and perhaps a bit repulsive. You see, the anthropophagi, a pod of creatures brought here from their native Africa, have eyes on their shoulders, huge gaping maws of mouths with razor like teeth in the middle of their chests. Brains, a little lower. The story of how the anthropophagi arrived in America and the description of their ravaging of humans and the tale of how they are ultimately hunted down makes for some unforgettable reading. And, there is (perhaps) an ending that promises more. Someone has observed that all the Printz books have monsters in them; some are real, some are imagined. Wonder what that says about our , right?? Actually, it says nothing. Monsters, real and imagined, are at the heart of all YA literature
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