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before I go..........

I am heading out to Indy for the NCTE conference and the ALAN workshop that follows it. As exhausting as the next week will be, it will also be thrilling to hear so many wonderful authors speak. Check out who is coming at:

I finished reading LUNA over the weekend and can see why it is one of the National Book Award finalists. This story of a transgendered boy is told delicately and honestly. I know the book will be controversial simply due to the topic it addresses. However, the story reels you in from page one and lets you see inside a human tortured by his/her gender and all that entails. I do encourage folks to read this book and to talk about it with kids. My 11 year old has expressed interest in reading it, and I feel comfortable with her doing just that. I think mostly she is curious. The only thing she asked when I told her about the book (she had picked it up from the table in the living room and started reading it before I could even say a word; the child is a bookworm!) was, "Does it end happily?" Some question, huh?

I began reading a new Paulsen book in galley that is interesting--science fiction, slim, short chapters. This could be a good one for reluctant readers perhaps. Will have to wait until I read a bit more.

Happy Turkey Day!
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