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Thought I would take a few minutes while Scout is entertaining himself with his water fountain to post about books. First, here is the audio that has been keeping me company for the past few weeks.

Thomas finds himself in a strange place with no memory of how he arrived. Actually, he has no memory of much of anything save his name. How old is he? Where is he? THE MAZE RUNNER is another of the dystopic looks at a not-too-distant future where WICKED (world in catastrophe killzone experiment design) has placed teenaged boys in a setting to test their responses to various trials. As Thomas becomes familiar with the maze and the creatures that guard it at night, he begins to see a glimmer of the past. Can he help rescue his fellow maze runners from this horrific experiment before another dies?

Gripping and suspenseful in audio, this is a story that reveals itself a tiny bit at a time rather like Thomas' memory and/or understanding of his past and present. The book is, of course, open ended. Seems the fashion recently to leave readers wondering what will happen next.

Final preparations today for a morning session with local reading teachers. Want to be sure I have as many of the recent award winners as possible. Many were already there (the perks of reading hundreds of books this past year), just picking up a few strays.
Tags: dystopia
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