professornana (professornana) wrote,

heading home

Someone told me to get to the Boston airport 3 hours in advance of flight. Nope, took 5 minutes. But at least I get some time to sit in the President's Club with free wifi for a few hours. Bit of a surprise to discover that Continental has changed their policy on overweight bags (quietly) and had to pay a fee (or I could have rearranged the two bags there at check in, I suppose). Dang!

In any event, ALA was exhausting but totally worth it. Loved the Printz Committee meetings. Hope you all loved our decisions. Thrilled for Rebecca Stead and Tanya Lee Stone and Jerry Pinkney and all of the other winners. There were few surprises for me although I thought there were some other books deserving of some of the prizes. The DC conference should be too much fun.

I will say I was irritated that there was little free wifi available. I used my modem, of course, but I will pay outrageous overages as a result.

Now, I plan to catch up with Facebook and then read. I brought 3 books along for the trip home. And KUDOS, BTW, to the Odyssey Committee. Great picks.
Tags: ala
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