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18 January 2010 @ 02:08 pm
Now that the Media Awards have been announced (see previous blog post), I can read any and every book I want to read. So, time to do some catching up.

Due from Viking in May of 2010, ILLYRIA is the story of Rogan and Madeleine. Though they are first cousins, the children of identical twin brothers, they love one another. Rogan is handsome and talented; he possesses a singing voice that blows away all who listen. Madeleine is finally growing into her looks. She has what he Aunt Kate call glamour (from the same root as grammar as it is a knowledge, something that can be learned). Both Rogan and Madeleine are given roles in the school's play: Twelfth Night. During the rehearsal and performances, changes will occur to their relationship.

Elizabeth Hand is part romance. However, it is far more than that as itr examines themes of family, betrayal, duty, and talent.
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