professornana (professornana) wrote,

Boston and ALA Midwinter

Did you hear that sigh? That was me. I finally had the chance to walk to the exhibits at ALA and score some ARCs for the long flight home next week. Tomorrow I will post here about all of the wonderful winners.

In the meantime, I am curling up with some coffee (it is turning colder) and one of the ARCs to read something without highlighter, pen, and post-its. Printz reading is over. Deliberations are over. However, as I was reading the first couple of pages of the new ARC, it struck me that I now have Printz eyes to go along with my Odyssey ears. Isn't it nice of YALSA and ALA to re-equip tis old model with some new parts.

Perhaps some more later if I complete this ARC. If not, meet me back here tomorrow for all of the announcements.
Tags: ala, books, boston
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