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back from the Big Apple

Took some much deserved time for a bit of a break in NYC after my meeting Monday. Saw SPAMALOT which was so over the top funny. And, of course, had some time to read while circling Houston's airport last night for 45 minutes.

CLAY by David Almond is an incredibly eerie story of David who becomes involved with Stephen Rose. Stephen has been sent to live with his aunt after the death of his father and the institutionalization of his mother. Stephen's aunt is a bit off her rocker; she is known as Crazy Mary to the locals. David, however, is drawn to Stephen, especially to the intricate carvings Stephen makes in the shed behind Mary's house. Stephen asks David to help him create a man from Clay and then to bring this clay figure to life. Does Clay live? Is he responsible for the death of David's enemy Mouldy? How can this be at all possible? Almond has once again created a story that makes readers ponder what is real and what is imagined. In the tradition of SKELLIG, CLAY will leave readers wanting more from this gifted storyteller.

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