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haircuts and book connections, huh?

Since ALA looms large, I took some time this morning to get a haircut. Suddenly, I was thinking about Christopher Paul Curtis. Why did I suddenly begin to think of Christopher Paul Curtis during the haircut, you ask? Well, my hairdresser (what an antiquated term that is!) had a million dollar bill sitting on a shelf at her station. BING: my mind is now on MR. CHICKEE'S FUNNY MONEY (and if you do not know this series by CPC, check it out). Then, one of the other cosmetologists (is that better than hairdresser or cutter?) walked past to say HI and I was suddenly thinking of TALES OF THE MADMAN UNDERGROUND. Why? He reminded me of how I think Karl (main character) will look in a few years.

Even when I do not have a book in my hand, my mind is making connections to books. I think that makes me an avid lifelong reader, right? And a recent NYT article also indicated that forging these connections between what I already know and new stuff I am learning keeps my brain from atrophying. Not a bad little bonus.

Better half and the resident of the back bedroom head off to district band competition shortly. It is an overnight trip and BH has agreed to play chaperone to 7 teens (say a prayer for him, please, if you are so inclined). I have an all day YA class tomorrow and so cannot go (insert fake sniff here). SO, tonight it is me and the kitties and sub-freezing temps. I think we will all cuddle for warmth and eat as many snacks as we like.

And now, back to reading.
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