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shiver-y good story

I was finally able to get the last class uploaded into our new CMS late this afternoon. That meant I finally had time for some leisure reading. It seemed somehow appropriate to read a book that matched my reaction to the freezing temps outside: SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater. When Grace is a young girl, she is attacked and bitten by some wolves. She survives the attack and finds herself fascinated by wolves after her recovery. They seem to hover on the outskirts of the woods surrounding her house. She begins to think of them as individuals. One seems to look after her well being. And one fateful day, Grace meets her guardian wolf in his human form. Sam is wolf in winter and human in summer. When he is wounded by hunters, Grace rescues him. The two soon are inseparable despite the obstacles.

This beautifully told love story is certain to appeal to readers who love the story of Bella and Edward and who are ready to leap from vampire to werewolf lore.
Tags: love, romance, werewolves, wolves
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