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Maybe my sentence is this: She can make you want to read a book even when you don't think you do.

Spent almost 4 hours this morning talking about books to teachers, librarians, coordinators, and even some administrators in a nearby school district. I had not done anything like this for a couple of months, but it is like riding a bicycle except no wheels and you don't sweat as much (mostly because it was in the 30s when I left the house and only the 40s when I got back after noon).

I organized the books into various ladders (since that is my current book) and gave them ladders on HUMOR, MYSTERY, NONFICTION, and DIFFERENT FORMS AND FORMATS. Then I wrapped up with the starred reviews, Teens Top Ten, Mock Printz, and Mock Newbery titles. Piece de resistance was Ellen Hopkins' brilliant poem MANIFESTO. Could have heard a pin drop in the room when I finished with that.

I loved that there were new teachers there. I do not think I was ever that young. Honestly, they remind me of puppies: eager, affectionate (I got hugs) and willing to just kind of hang around. And there were the veterans as well especially among the librarians present. Always so good to see them as well. They assure me that there are plenty of mentors for the newbies.

Spent most of this afternoon trying to upload files and such to our new Course Management System. All I can say is SNAFU (and if you do not know the meaning of this acronym, get someone to clue you in).

Scout is tapping the screen and pulling it down to let me know it is time for his post nap snack. Later.
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