professornana (professornana) wrote,

Miss Perceptions

Though I fiddle here with thoughts about books and reading and education, I do not consider myself a blogger. Despite the fact that my third professional book will debut soon, I do not think of myself as a writer/author. I am a wife and mother and teacher-learner (and thanks to David Warlick for this title). At least that is how I define my life. I am sure there are some folks (maybe even some reading this and definitely certain others I know) that would disagree, but these are the three aspects of my life that tend to dominate. Maybe add one more: reader.

It's all about perceptions, really. I know when people see me for the first time, they form a quick judgment. I hope I replace that snap decision based on appearances once they come to know me better. But reflecting on this does give me some pause. I know I am guilty of making snap judgments as well. And kids do it all the time when it comes to books (see I finally am getting to the point). I am talking about book covers here: kids look and make decisions sometimes based on covers. Case in point: I am reading a book now that the resident of the back bedroom (who turns 17 TODAY)had rejected based on the cover. Once I told her about the opening chapters, she snatched it out of my hands and took off reading.

Covers can make or break a book for tweens and teens. Appearances, however, can be deceiving. Maybe we need to make sure kids learn this lesson?

And here is the birthday girl!

Tags: never judge a book by its cover
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